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The unique feature of our legal or tax accounting assistance is its systematic character. Our solutions are complex and competent and we are able to meet the high demands of our clients in all branches of law. Our work on taxation, accounting and corporate cases is based on mutual consent and the specific objectives set by the client


Our team consists attorneys, lawyers, tax consultants, economists, accountants and auditors with a  high level of education and specialization and wide range of experience some of it in the National Revenue Agency as well as author of laws and applying the same act directly in the course of fiscal control and audits or in the Public Procurement Agency or as authors of regulations and guidelines and control procedure.


Our protection based on administrative and court procedures is characterized with extremely high level of success of our clients


Individual approach. We develop  out strategies  and solutions to particular cases on every single client.


High level of professionalism. knowledge and experience is essential for our firm


Complex approach. Our decisions are focused on outcome that successfully fulfill  the expectations our clients.


Solution Based Results. Pre-identify and systemize the goals and interests of the client. On this basis we stress on the real problems and provide adequate solutions to provide the desired outcome.


Variation of solutions. We provide our clients with the opportunity to choose between alternative solutions in accordance to the legal and tax practice.


Effectiveness and efficiency. Our decisions provide maximum benefit with minimal investment


Legal and feasible  help to our client


Strict confidentiality.  The client’s information relevant to our work and with specific request of our client exclusivity of proposed solutions  


Training of client’s team on tax, legal and accountancy related matters on the new Bulgarian and European law issues.


Maximum rapidity when consulting on client's current issues in accordance with the practice of National Revenue Agency and Customs Agency.



Further details for the company and the team can be found in “Wordfinance” magazine the September-October issue of 2005